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The guardian of the caste
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Born and raised in Treviso, but with the surname echoing different origins. Caught between North and the South, carrying the best and the worst of both worlds.

An easy going muddler, always able to get out of trouble in one way or another. As I cannot bare to be alone,  you will most likely find me in the in the hustle and bustle of the local Osterias. Or at my desk, which quite resembles the above.

In perpetual search of the warm coastal places, I’m doing my best to avoid the cold, even though I consider myself lucky to have seen snow a few times!

I like paddling, but in my own way, easy!

My favorite place is Travelsport’s  ‘turret’ (our base for Kayaks and bikes) always buzzing with people, filled with chatter and freshly brewed coffee