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9 October 1963 ... triggered by the landslide, a huge wave overtopped 262m dam, one of the tallest in the  world at the time, causing death of 1910 people in the small town of Longarone. The Vajont Dam tragedy had been widely talked about, and a lot has been done since not to be left forgotten.

One of the latest initiates is “via ferrata della memoria” , which is remembrance route, almost completely vertical way up for circa two hour, on the northern wall of the Vajont gorge. 

The surroundings, dam, valley, gorge, mountain, all make it too real to imagine what might have happened on the day….

Vajon rememberence via ferrata is an emotional  route. It begins with a few manmade  tunnels, on the mountain ledge aided by cable, until reaching the ladders leading up.
Amazing from the start, two demanding hours going up, filled with strong emotions, partially due to the historical importance and partially to the exciting climb. The route is fully aided allowing for the upmost safety. Nevertheless, constant state of being vertical requires an excellent physical preparation and confidence.
Descent is along the long ledge, aided in parts with a long ladder, until reaching the ground.

To know
Itinerary: chosen Itinerary will be at Guide’s discretion, based on each participant’s technical abelites. Guide can at any time change, modify and/or stop the activity due to the lack of minimal safety measures.

Health and fitness requirements: Participants should be highly fit and in good health. Any health issues must be communicated upon booking,  prior to undertaking any physical activities related with the chosen programme. This is for your own safety and the safety of the group!

Weather and programme change: Travelsport Team Member has a right to modify a programme at any time during the activity, based on  the changing weather conditions, or for any other reason which could jeopardies the safety and security of the participants.

Terms and conditions: link.
  • Start: 9am from Quattro Valli bar - Via Faè, 22, 32013 Longarone BL
  • Finish: 14pm, same location
  • Difficulty: Difficult, reserved for the fittest and already familiar with via ferratas
  • Difference in height: 250m
  • Clothing and equipment: Technical alpine clothing, harness, ferrata kit, climbing helmet and approach shoes,  20l backpack, energy snacks, sleeping bag. Technical climbing equipment may be rented from Travelsport
  • Included Services: Accompanying Alpine Guide UIAGM, insurance. Pick up and drop off to and from may be arranged
  • Excluded Services: Unless specified otherwise in the Included services above, all other services are duly excluded
  • Number of participants: Min 2 people. If less, cost remains €250.
  • Changes or Cancellations due to adverse weather conditions: A new activity date will be agreed. If the new date cannot be set, the booking will be refunded in full.


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