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One of the most imposing mountains in the Dolomites, bare fortress which looks over Val Fiscalina Alta, Val di Cengia and Val Giralba.
Two days to fully appreciate the lonesome presence and enjoy 360° view from the top.
The route follows in steps of Michael Innerkofler from the distant 1877. It’s a long route, not overly difficult in technicality, set in the magnificent natural environment, which in addition to consolidated climbing skills requires exceptional agility and a bit of hunch.
Climbing route from past times, beautiful and varied, retracing the steps of one of the pioneers of Dolomite’s climbing. An alpine day, with a capital A, made of long climbs, hours stuck on the rocks, strong emotions and unforgettable moments.

It’s a long, difficult and one of the more complex normal routes, dotted with numerous rock faces, which make this route almost a pure rock climb. A strenuous and slow way up, requiring constant concentration in search of your next best step. You’ll become a part of the rock, get to know it up-close and completely immerse yourself in it.
We’ll set off from Zsigmondi-Comici early morning, after staying there overnight. From the Croda dei Troni crossroads we’ll quickly reach the normal route starting point, from where the next 5-6h you’ll literally blend with the rock.
Descend will be faster, with double ropes and occasional rock faces, however always in need of highest concentration.
Once we’ve reached the scree, the route has been completed, and we can slowly continue towards the refuge.

To know
Itinerary: Chosen Itinerary will be at Guide’s discretion, based on each participant’s technical abelites. Guide can at any time change, modify and/or stop the activity due to the lack of minimal safety measures.

Health and fitness requirements: Participants must  be highly fit and in good health. Any health issues must be communicated upon booking,  prior to undertaking any physical activities related with the chosen programme. This is for your own safety and the safety of the group!

Weather and programme change: Travelsport Team Member has a right to modify a programme at any time during the activity, based on  the changing weather conditions, or for any other reason which could jeopardies the safety and security of the participants.

Terms and conditions: link.

  • Starting  point: 14pm at Dolomitenhof at Piano Fiscalino (Sesto)
  • Finish:  18pm at Dolomitenhof at Piano Fiscalino (Sesto)
  • Difficulty: Difficult, grade IV, demanding in time needed and concentration required
  • Difference in height:
    1st day - 800mt D+
    2nd  day 800mt D+, 1600mt D-
  • Clothing and equipment: Technical alpine clothing, wind/waterproof jacket, harness, climbing helmet and approach  shoes, energy snacks  and drink. Travelsport may provide all required technical equipment.
  • Included Services:  Accompanying Alpine Guide UIAGM, insurance. Pick up and drop off to and from the main meeting points may be arranged
  • Excluded Services: Half board at refuge Zsigmondi-Comici  Unless specified otherwise in the Included services above, all other services are duly excluded.
  • Number of participants: Max 2.
  • Changes or Cancellations due to adverse weather conditions:  A new activity date will be agreed. If the new date cannot be set, the booking will be refunded in full.


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