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Why not chose somewhat different family day out! Fun and games, but with your feet off the ground. Simply an unforgettable day for the whole family.
Cinque Torri is known as one of the most picturesque spots in Dolomites, with a wide selection of paths for the first climbing experience  There are plenty of spots for the more experienced climbers. In either case, panoramic view which you will discover at the top will certainly not be disappointing. The entire Dolomite Valley will be at your hand.
The whole family may experience “vertical emotions”, in safe hands of experienced Travelsport Alpine Guides, which will follow your every step of the way by helping you on the way up.
Open to children from 3 years and up.

After morning meeting and greeting over a cup of steaming coffee, we’ll go up with lifts to magnificent belvedere of memorable Rifugio Scoiattoli in the heart of Dolomites. Memorable place of beauty and name.
A quick walk will take us to the bottom of the rocks which you will spend a whole day exploring.
You’ll learn how to use the equipment, tie a rope but most importantly how to climb up for the first time.  You’ll climb rocks some 10/20m up, giving you a feel of the ‘alpine climbers’.
For the first-time climbers, Cinque Torri is an ideal place to start. Pinnacles between 10m-200m allow for an infinite number of climbing routes to choose from, all which vary in length in and in difficulty.
Surrounding  area and the views are equally mesmerizing.. In addition, especially for all WW1 history buffs, some of the fiercest fighting took place in these idyllic mountains. There are a number of historic trails and trenches fully reconstructed giving you a real feel of the time.

To know
Itinerary: Chosen Itinerary will be at Guide’s discretion, based on each participant’s technical abelites. Guide can at any time change, modify and/or stop the activity due to the lack of minimal safety measures.

Health and fitness requirements: Participants should be moderately fit and in good health. Any health issues must be communicated upon booking,  prior to undertaking any physical activities related with the chosen programme. This is for your own safety and the safety of the group!

Weather and programme change: Travelsport Team Member has a right to modify a programme at any time during the activity, based on  the changing weather conditions, or for any other reason which could jeopardies the safety and security of the participants.

Term and conditions: link.

  • Ritrovo: ore 9,00 presso la partenza della seggiovia Cinque Torri - loc. Bai de Dones.
  • Conclusione: ore 16,00.
  • Difficoltà: FACILE, esperienza adatta anche ai neofiti dell'arrampicata.
  • Attrezzatura necessaria: capi tecnici per l'escursionismo/alpinismo, imbracatura bassa, casco, scarponi o scarpe da approach, scarpette da arrampicata, zainetto con snack energetici, bevanda, un pile ed una giacca anti vento/acqua. Travelsport può mettere a disposizione tutta l'attrezzatura tecnica necessaria.
  • Servizi inclusi: accompagnamento da parte di Guida Alpina UIAGM e assicurazione. E' possibile concordare un servizio di pick-up dai principali centri della Valle Agordina.
  • Servizi esclusi: andata e ritorno della seggiovia e quanto non incluso alla voce "servizi inclusi".
  • N° partecipanti: un nucleo familiare; fino a 5 partecipanti si garantisce un'attività dinamica e coinvolgente, per famiglie particolarmente numerose si consiglia di impiegare una seconda guida.
  • In caso di mancato svolgimento dell'attività per motivi legati alle condizioni meteo: verrà concordata una nuova data o, nel caso non fosse possibile, restituita l'intera somma.


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