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One of the longest and the most amazing via ferratas.  technically difficult,  immersed between flat rocks and towers, this via ferrata is the main route to reach Civetta Peak
This route allows for an overnight stay in one of the highest huts in the Dolomites, next to the eagles nests. Basic but welcoming, here you can feel the atmosphere of the Alpinism as it once was. Needless to say, sunset and sunrise cannot be described by words. Absolutely magnificent!

Via Ferrata Alleghesi is the best  route to reach  3220m Civetta Peak. It’s an impressive rock wall structure looking over Alleghe lake.
Meeting point is at Palafavera – Val Zoldana, from which we’ll slowely move towards Casera Pioda and Coldai refuge. After a short stopover, we’ll reach Tivan path,  which will lead us to the starting point.
We’ll find ourselves at the bottom of the rock wall, where we’ll buckle up and get ready to climb up the iron rungs, follow the carved steps and edge paths, always accompanied with the breathtaking views.
Upon reaching Civetta Peak (not the actual peak)  , we’ll have the opportunity to view the North West side, and the rare privilege to be sounded by rock walls on both sides. This magnificent set up allows you to fully appreciate the greatness of these rocks. Looking down you’d realise to have been hanging up some 900m in height, with the rock extending more than 4km in width.
A few more meters, and we’ll climb the remaining part of the wall, before finally reaching the final summit. After a break, we’ll start our descend towards Torrani refuge, where we are due to stay overnight.
Second day we’ll continue our descent via normal route, mixed with cables and carved steps. After a  few hours, we’ll reach Tivan path and Coldai refuge  once again.
Via Ferrata Alleghesi is difficult, and it requires expert knowledge of via ferratas, allowing you to live the mountain to the full.

An imposing 3342m high, Marmolada is the highest peak in the Dolomites, famously known for its southern rock face several kilometers long, and almost 1000m high. The north side consists of the biggest glacier in the area.
Via Ferrata on the western side leads to the highest peak, Punta Penia, offering a truly panoramic peak top views not only on the surrounding picture-perfect Dolomites, but on better days even further. Dolomites at its best at your finger-tips. Occasionally, looking south, reflection of the Venetian Lagoon can be seen too.
It’s one of the longer via ferratas, high in altitude and reserved for the more experienced and confident mountaineers. It’s will certainly be a demanding,, but a day to remember.
Taking lifts  from Passo Fedaia, which is worth the visit in itself,  we’ll ascend to 2626m refuge, Pian dei Fiacconi.  Guido, who runs it,  will be waiting for us with the obligatory hot cup of coffee! This is the main gateway to the glacier from the north side.
Refreshed and energised we’ll reach the valley which descends from Forcella Mamolada, from which we’ll set off.  To reach the via ferrata, we’ll first cross a small glacier, which sadly each year is getting smaller.
Once we’ve reached the first fixtures of the via ferrata, we’ll head towards Punta Penia summit crest. There aren’t any real technical difficulties, but the actual length and the altitude are strenuous in itself. However, the surrounding views certainly make up for the fatigue. Once via ferrata ends, with a little bit more extra effort and a short walk away we’ll finally reach the actual peak.
Believe it or not, there is an actual hut at the summit, serving  coffee and cakes which will help us regain our strengths and sink in the atmosphere.
Descend can be along the same way. Otherwise, If good weather and good visibility remain, via normal route which goes over glacier.
Once we’ve reached Pian dei Fiacconi, we might have enough time for a final beer before taking the lift down.

To know
Itinerary: chosen Itinerary will be at Guide’s discretion, based on each participant’s technical abelites. Guide can at any time change, modify and/or stop the activity due to the lack of minimal safety measures.

Health and fitness requirements: Participants should be highly fit and in good health. Any health issues must be communicated upon booking,  prior to undertaking any physical activities related with the chosen programme. This is for your own safety and the safety of the group!

Weather and programme change: Travelsport Team Member has a right to modify a programme at any time during the activity, based on  the changing weather conditions, or for any other reason which could jeopardies the safety and security of the participants.

Terms and conditions: link.
  • Start: 7am from Palafavera lifts
  • Finish: next day at 14pm Palafavera lifts
  • Difficulty: Difficult, reserved for the fittest and already familiar with via ferratas
  • Difference in height: Day 1 -  1700m D+, 200m Day 2 - 1500m
  • Clothing and equipment: Technical alpine clothing, harness, ferrata kit, climbing helmet and boots or approach shoes,  20l backpack, energy snacks, sleeping bag. Technical climbing equipment may be rented from Travelsport
  • Included Services: Accompanying Alpine Guide UIAGM, insurance. Pick up and drop off to and from the main meeting points at Valle Agordina, Val Fiorentina and Val di Zoldo  may be arranged
  • Excluded Services: Half-board at refuge. Unless specified otherwise in the Included services above, all other services are duly excluded
  • Number of participants: Min 2 people. If less, cost remains €450.
  • Changes or Cancellations due to adverse weather conditions: A new activity date will be agreed. If the new date cannot be set, the booking will be refunded in full.


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