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An absolutely unique cycling route in every way, entwined with fresh waterways, lagoon, sun, sea, beautiful scenery and you on your bike. All of these are winning elements for the most amazing two days of your life, scenic surprise waiting for you at every turn combined with the local food and wine delicacies along the way.

Strategic town of Quarto d’Altino is the focal point for this route between the river and the lagoon. On the first day you will go towards the beautifully preserved medieval town of Treviso, still hustling and bustling with city life. On the second day, you will go in the opposite direction towards the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, enjoying the view of the lagoon slowly unfolding in front of your eyes as you progress towards the sea.

River Sile Natural Park and Venetian Lagoon, two inseparable, yet completely different natural environments will make this route unforgettable.

DAY 1- FROM QUARTO D'ALTINO TO TREVISO (and back):  The route is along the banks of the  picturesque river Sile and its numerous meanders. The nature you will encounter is inextricably connected with people and places which have been part of the river for centuries. You will come across the “Burci” graveyards, traditional Venetian transport barges used for hundreds of years, and still visible after being submerged in the river for decades, proudly reminding passersby of its close connection with “La Serenissima”.

Cycling path leading towards the medieval city of Treviso is on a flat terrain, separate from the main roads and is traffic free. On the way back you will have a chance to enjoy the route with abundance of  colours in the late afternoon.

Departure advisable in the morning between 9.30am /10.00am


Once again Sile Natural Park will welcome you, but this time towards the Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic sea, along the flat, traffic free cycling path. Going all the way towards the sea you will reach white beaches and enjoy well-deserved spritz before wrapping up for the day and returning to Quarto d’Altino. Return can be organized either directly in association with Travelsport  or separately by regular public transport.

Departure advisable in the morning around 9.30am /10.00am

Extra Tip -  after second day,  you may also book accommodation in the sea towns of Jesolo, Cavallino, Punta Sabbioni or Venezia and spend an extra evening near the beach.


To know

Health and fitness requirements: Participants should be moderately fit and in good health. Any health issues must be communicated upon booking,  prior to undertaking any physical activities related with the chosen programme. This is for your own safety!


Weather and programme change: Travelsport Team Member has a right to modify a programme at any time during the activity, based on  the changing weather conditions, or for any other reason which could jeopardies safety and security of the participants.


Terms and Conditions: click on this link.

  • Ritrovo: presso l'alloggio a Quarto d'Altino (orario e giorno da concordare).
  • Conclusione: presso Quarto d'Altino o nelle zone balneari di Jesolo.
  • Difficoltà: FACILE, il percorso si presenta interamente pianeggiante e privo di traffico automobilistico.
  • Attrezzatura necessaria: abbigliamento sportivo e comodo, pantaloncini da bicicletta con tassello, guantini, cappellino e occhiali da sole. Si consiglia l'uso del casco, che, su richiesta, potrà essere fornito con la bicicletta.
  • Servizi inclusi: briefing introduttivo allo svolgimento delle giornate con consigli sulle aree di interesse storico, naturalistico ed enogastronomico. Fornitura di kit di riparazione, lucchetto, mappa del percorso ciclabile, cartina della città di Treviso, assistenza tecnica lungo il percorso in caso di emergenza. Assicurazione.
  • Servizi esclusi: Tutto quello che non è incluso alla voce "Servizi inclusi".
  • N° partecipanti: minimo 2 partecipanti fino a esaurimento biciclette.
  • In caso di mancato svolgimento dell'attività per motivi legati alle condizioni meteo: verrà concordata una nuova data o, nel caso non fosse possibile, restituita l'intera somma.